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Hello, my name is Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky alias Shanarama.


I am London based writer and illustrator of Childrens books and I enjoy both collaborating with other writers, as well as creating my own material. Being a true city rat, I thrive in the wilds of London, and can often be spotted sketching the natural inhabitants of the Urban jungle.

  • In Jan 2024 my Chapter Book was longlisted in the WriteMentor Writing Competition 2024

  • In 2018 I was Runner-up in the Stratford Literary Festival Children's Picture Book Competition 


  • In 2012 I won the Undiscovered Voices Competition for Illustrating 

Having a background in Architecture, Film and T.V has helped inform my storytelling abilities and I love to work across a variety of genres for both younger and older children.

In my artwork, I enjoy working in both traditional and digital methods, often blending the two elements together, as can be seen through my use of pencil and graphite, with digital colouring. 

The stories that I dream up are often about strong-willed characters overcoming adversity through friendship and self-determination, with a sprinkling of magic here and there. My aim is to capture the emotions and spirit of characters and their interactions, be it human, animal or otherwise. 

When I'm not toiling away on projects, I love to watch films, read and spend time with family and friends.

Shana NS Me&MummaP FlatV3 27feb14.jpg

I am a member of the following organisations:  

SOA, the Society of Authors ; AOI the Association of Illustrators ; SCBWI, the Society of Childrens Books Writers and illustrators

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